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Fielder Films is a movie shop run by Ben Weiland and Brian 'Bobcat' Davis.

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Ben Weiland with camera in his arms

Ben Weiland

Ben is an award winning filmmaker specializing in doc, adventure, and commercial work. He is the assistant director for ‘Unnur’, which featured at MountainFilm Festival and Tribeca 2021, assistant director of ‘MYLO’, and the director of photography for the film ‘Under An Arctic Sky’ which was featured in the Tribeca Film Festival 2017. Recent films he’s directed include ‘Arc of Aleutia’, ‘Mr. Kookbox’, ‘The Forgotten Archipelago’ for Roark, ‘Coldwater Journal’ for the Orchard/Redbull TV, and two episodes for RedBull TV’s ‘Chasing the Shot’ series.

Brian Davis looking through camera viewfinder

Brian ‘Bobcat’ Davis

Brian is a filmmaker, editor and coffee roaster. He first picked up his parents’ home video camera at age 11, and the seed was sown. For him the collaborative process of filmmaking is unlike anything else. “There’s really no other medium that brings together so many artists to work in unison like a film project.” Recent films he’s worked on include ‘MYLO’ for Sony Alpha, ‘Arc of Aleutia’, ‘Mr. Kookbox’ and ‘The Long Way Around’, a cycling film directed by Chris Burkard.