Fielder Films is a film studio run by
Ben Weiland and Brian 'Bobcat' Davis.
These are our original films.

Island X

The Search For Volcano Island - Teaser

Find out more about the studio and our projects on our Youtube channel.

Client Work

The studio also creates stories and videos for brands. Each project is uniquely crafted for its own storytelling purpose. Here are some of the brands we have worked with:

Client logos we've worked with
Burkard Collection - IG Ads Dr. Squatch Director, DP, Editor WATCH
Under An Arctic Sky Burkard Studio Director of Photography WATCH
Portugal Campaign Prana Director, DP, Editor WATCH
Arc of Aleutia Roark Assist. Director, Editor WATCH
Chasing the Shot - Ep. 1 & 2 Red Bull Director, Editor EP 1  EP 2
The Long Way Around Burkard Studio DP, Editor WATCH
Living Off the Grid Great Big Story Director, DP WATCH
Dusty Trails Prana Director, DP, Editor WATCH
Strava Segments Strava DP, Editor WATCH
Mylo Sony Assist Director, Editor WATCH
Storybook Land Fielder In-House Project WATCH

About Us

Ben and Brian met at a coffee shop and soon after began working on film projects together which have collected multiple international awards. This became Fielder Films, founded in Oceanside, California.

Ben Weiland with camera in his arms
Brian Davis looking through camera viewfinder

We make original feature length films, as well as branded videos, campaigns, and all kinds of client work. Our film shop is open for business.